Sunday, January 15, 2012


     Hello!  This blog is designed as a place to let my inner writer come out to play.  I hope that along the way, I can share some interesting and useful ideas and make you laugh a time or two.  I am a teacher-turned speech/language pathologist-turned mom-turned professor-turned writer.  With each turn, I've kept a piece of the last iteration of myself, having quite liked most of the steps along the way.  However, also with each turn, my younger self, a person who likes to sit on her bed with a blank journal and write stories, kept tapping me on the shoulder.
     Now it is time to let that self have some fun - and so I have created a place for the "writer me" to play with my words.  Please join me here from time-to-time as I offer small snippets of stories, poems to please you, and thoughts that might help bring some joy to your day.  I hope to amuse you with musings on being pre-published in the world of children's literature, being a fun-loving (and sometimes neurotic) mom who is married to a surgeon, being an out-of-my-comfort zone professor, and other topics that want to come out to play!
     Please feel free to stop by when you need a laugh, a lift, or to offer me a publishing contract.
See you on the next page,

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